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Ask About Our Monthly Rate

(For horse owners and full leases)


• 3 lessons a week - Mounted

*Duration of lesson depends on how many are in a lesson

*1-2 riders-45mins, 3-5 riders-60mins


• 1 Theory lesson a month - Unmounted

* Theory classes provide for an understanding of the underlying principles of Dressage, hunter/jumper, western, vaulting through a variety of techniques and opportunities for discussion. Emphasis is given to the application of principles of each student's riding, as well as to the discipline as a whole. Topics not only include equine disciplines but equine management, horse/barn care, teaching, all about shows and much more.

*Date &time will be announced at beginning of the month


• Horsemanship Mini-Clinics

Teaching and practicing all aspects of horsemanship: from ground work to caring for horse (including nutrition and wound care), to understanding the needs of the horse and recognizing issues (lameness, back soreness, etc.). Comprehension of the entire horse and the development of the rider's relationship with his/her horse are essentional components of successful horsemanship.

*Date &time will be announced at beginning of the month


• Team meetings

* To discuss goals, ideas, thoughts, show feedback (videos), lessons feedbacks (videos) etc

* Meeting places, days &times will be announced


• Option to participate in Clinics as Priority Reservation for those with class size limitations

* Does not include clinic, hauling or fuel fees


• Option to compete in any local or away shows, Rated or Unrated

* Does not include show, hauling or fuel fees


• Option to participate in Five Star Equestrian themed events

* Every other month will be a themed event ran by students only!


• Option to participate in fun outings

* Horseback riding is of course a blast but sometimes you get to go do other things with your team mates like going to Raging Waters, having barn sleepovers, playing miniature golf, going to the movies, and more.


• Hauling out to other facilities

* Does not include facilities fees, hauling or fuel fees


• Makeup days will be held the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month

* Any variation of this schedule to be announced at the beginning of each month




Requirements for this Package


• 3 lessons per week


• Must commit to minimum of 3 shows per year


• 24hr cancellations notice with the exceptions of weather or trainer reasons

* Always expect to have your lessons unless informed otherwise


• Payment due on the 1st of each month

* Any late payments after the 5th of each month will be subject to a fee of $5 per day

* Accept Cash or Check • Checks payable to “Five Star Equestrian

We also accept credit cards via Paypal, however there will be a fee (we will add fee to total on invoice)


* Option to add additional lessons to this package only at a $50 per lesson rate.

*Privates are not included in any packages but may be given separately at per lesson rate.



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