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Cassandra has helped me so much in riding. When I first came to her, I was afraid of riding due to bad experiences at another barn with my pony, Charm. I was afraid to jump him lines, courses, go full arena (i relied on tiny circles in those days), and I would dread going to the barn. Cassandra gave me one lesson on Charm that made me confident again. During that lesson, Charm was trying to jump the course fast, and I started to get scared. She backed us up on the ground by standing close to jumps and by talking to Charm. By the end of the lesson, Charm still tried to act bad, but I jumped the whole course, keeping him in control, and went full arena. Now, I'm showing Charm three feet, jumping three feet three inches, and I am confident and happy to ride any horse or pony, from a safe beginner lesson pony, to a project horse that is learning how to canter. Cassandra works on teaching us how improve our horses. With the help of Cassandra  I am working on improving Charm's form over jumps, and strengthening his back. In my lessons, she teaches me how to correctly put a horse on the bit, how to teach a horse and/or improve a horse's lead change, how to build top line muscle, and much more.


~Natalie Rozak and Woodland's Lucky Charm


Five Star Equestrian is the best barn! A beautiful sight in the redwoods with big paddocks for the horses, Five Star Equestrian is the best, most beautiful, fun, and educational barn out there. Our trainers, Cassandra is phenomenal and has helped me progress to jumping 3 foot hunter and eq courses in the show ring.  All the trainers at Five Star Equestrian have a passion for teaching, and will make you a better rider each day. Along with learning what the rider should do to improve, They teach you everything about caring for your pony, and to love and respect your pony.  They do all this in a kind, step-by-step manner, which is very important when you’re just learning to ride. Along with the trainers, all the riders at Five Star Equestrian are kind and helpful. Just like a big family, we do lots of fun horsey activities together. From Raging Waters to gymkhanas to barn sleepovers, there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends. This all makes Five Star Equestrian the most amazing barn out there!


~Annalise Rozak and DK Chocolate Truffles

Cassandra is a role model to me. She really inspires me. Having so much knowledge about horses at such a young age I find is really amazing. It is not only such a joy being able to ride with her every week, but also fascinating to listen to all the interesting things she tells us, weather about riding a horse, handling a horse or even the horse itself. Her teaching style is very unique in comparison to other instructors, because she knows and understands every horse and student and she has a deep understanding of the connection between the horse and the rider.


The whole barn is like one big family. Everyone feels comfortable, knows each horse and fellow rider as a friend, and Cassandra as well. I love  Five Star Equestrian more than anything.




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When I first started riding with Cassandra and Leah I was in a very bad place and had zero confidence. Both in riding and in myself.  But Cassandra and Leah believed in me. They helped me build my confidence every day with horses and in my everyday life. Cassandra and Leah aren’t just trainers to me. They are mentors, friends and family. Five Star is it’s own little family. In a matter of a year I have grown so much as a rider and a person thanks to Five Star. Learning patience, concentration and determination. In the past every time I got intimidated, I would quit and give up. Even with Five Star I would doubt myself sometimes. But they always believed in me and believed I could do it and pushed me till I achieved my goals and dreams. I went from ground poles to coursing 2,9” in a matter of a year thanks to five stars training and support. Five Star makes you feel accepted. And all I can do is thank Leah Feliz for giving me the opportunity to lease her horse Othello. He is my world and I couldn’t imagine life with out him. And Cassandra for finding me my first horse Greyson! When Five Star says they “build equestrians from the bottom up” they really do. I started from zero and now I’m hopping on all different horses and coursing 2’9” with zero fear. It’s a process. But it’s worth it! And Five Star was behind me every step of the way. So thank you Five Star!


~Isabelle Langbehn and Shakespeare's Othello

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